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Natural wines

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The original taste of the grape is particularly evident in our natural wines. This creates unvarnished, honest wines that result in a unique taste experience through careful care of the vineyard, careful harvest and loving processing.



handcrafted are our wines that are produced in a way that we describe as natural. This means that no intervention is required in the wine cellar during the entire winemaking process. In addition, we ferment some of the wine on the skins (mash fermentation) to extract even more character from the grapes and the vineyard and to share the pure and natural taste of our grapes, vineyards and origins. This winemaking decision is based on the conviction of our philosophy

Grüner Veltliner

A herbal, spicy wine - original Grüner Veltliner without make-up.


A juicy and attractive Riesling whose dancing taste invites you to take the next sip.

anina verde

Grüner Veltliner Most was fermented together with Riesling grapes to gain more fruit expression and complexity. Partially matured on the lees in used barriques, the wine produces a characterful herbal spice combined with fragrant, grapey elegance.


r_ _ _ marie

The personality among rosé wines - a strong rosé with a lively grip, which is an ideal accompaniment to food thanks to its animating backbone.

martha r_ _ _ _

A personality that presents itself independently and is remembered - aromatically intense red wine with a fresh, berry aroma and cassis, which can definitely be chilled a bit and which is also fun in summer.


Herrengasse 4

The foundation for this wine was laid 60 years ago in the house at Herrengasse 4, when our grandparents decided to plant a traditional, autochthonous grape variety in the most famous Strasser location. We continue to live this love in the third generation.


Grüner Veltliner

Müller Thurgau

A pure and unadulterated Grüner Veltliner with plenty of grape flavor - fermented on the mash for 16 days, unfiltered and unfined. 

A pure and complex Müller Thurgau with plenty of flavor from the grape - fermented on the mash for 10 days, unfiltered and unfined - elegant tannins and gripping taste through the extraction of the aromas from the skin. 

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