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Character Wines

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The special location and old vines are the basis for our character wines. Wines with a strong personality, uniting elegance and profundity. They reflect the character auf our vineyards and our own personalities. Our aim is to underline the taste of the grapes, complexity and aging potential.




Vereinter Schatz


Grüner Veltliner and Riesling combined in one wine combine the excitement of our region - fine elegance with stimulating spice - a wine with depth that provides a tasteful introduction to a nice conversation, a pleasant lunch or a relaxed dinner.


Zweigelt & Pinot Noir are harvested together and fermented in a wooden fermentation stand. Cool, fresh aromas of the region, characterized by spicy fruit on the palate -  slightly chilled, a companion for many occasions.

Strasser Weinberge

We want to give you the characteristic taste of the grape and terroir and preserve it right down to the glass. For this reason, we avoid additives and interventions in the cellar that alter the natural taste.

Grüner Veltliner

Grüner Veltliner Strasser vineyards are characterized by the valuable Strasser vineyards Gaisberg, Wechselberg, Hasel and Stangl. The wine matured for 11 months in large wooden barrels and was bottled without filtration. The result is a naturally cloudy, mineral and elegant wine that brings enjoyment and joy on many occasions.


Riesling Strasser Weinberge is characterized by the valuable Strasser vineyards Gaisberg and Wechselberg. The wine matured for 11 months in large wooden barrels and was bottled without filtration. The result is a naturally cloudy, mineral and elegant wine for connoisseurs that refines a meal and brightens up a conversation. 


the Leidenschaft weisz

The Leidenschaft is a series of wines that are individual and independent and reflect personalities. Wines that convey the typicality of their origin in a special way.


The Leidenschaft white combines special grape varieties from our region - the nutty Neuburger, the elegant Chardonnay, the spicy Grüner Veltliner with the floral Riesling. An exciting interplay with a lot of length and depth.

the Leidenschaft red

The characterful red wine with depth and complexity - small-berried Zweigelt grapes ferment in a wooden fermentation rack and then mature on the lees for 23 months in mostly used French oak barrels. A wine with complex aromas and multi-faceted taste.


the Leidenschaft sparkling

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling mature as base wines in barrels for 20 months. The second fermentation takes place according to the traditional method in the bottle, where the sparkling wine is stored on the yeast for another two years. The result is an exceptional sparkling wine with individual vintage style.

Gemischter Satz
von den Terrassen 1958

Laid out in small terraces and planted in 1958 with the native grape varieties Neuburger, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, this vineyard produces a wine full of depth and complexity. With complex aromas and particular fullness on the palate, it shows the great potential of old vines and the complexity of the mixed set. A special opportunity for exceptional taste.


Roter veltlier
von den terrassen 1979

A small keepsake of earlier times is a valuable terrace. In 1979, the vineyard was planted with Roter Veltliner - a variety that has been forgotten in our region in recent years. This wine shows you the tightness that the native grape variety develops on mineral primary rock soil with the appropriate age of the vines. A wine with a consistent structure and exceptional character that gives you valuable moments of enjoyment. 

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